Fashion and Textiles Rotation

Fashion and Textiles Rotation

This is my final outcome from the Fashion and Textiles rotation. In my synopsis I decided that the world was recovering from a nuclear war, and a hundred years on the only place for human life to survive is in the jungle as this is the only place with any natural resources left. This scenario meant that I had to create an adornment that would camouflage in such a place but also be useful for carrying particular items such as a knife for protection and water for survival. So my outcome was made from a belt with crisp packets and other useless pieces of rubbish attached (these would be used as the pockets) with a mesh of leaves covering the torso also. This design did not work as I had hoped, the leaves were a very difficult material to work with and the metal mesh I used to stick them on was very uncomfortable for the model, it was also very hard for him to move around in so if I were to do this project again I would have thought more carefully about my use of materials. Looking at Aitor Throup’s for this project really inspired me to push my ideas that little bit further to come up with something a little more experimental rather than completely practical. Although Throup is considered “Britain’s most interesting young menswear designer” he is very much anti-fashion and approaches his projects in a more conceptual manner. This really is what makes me relate to Throup as I have no particular interest in the Fashion industry as it largely baffles and aggravates me, meaning that I had little enthusiasm about researching contemporary practitioners for this project. Throup has been an exception to my dislike of fashion designers because he does not limit himself to the fashion worlds six month life cycles, making his work consistently exciting and different.

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