Fine Art rotation

Fine Art rotation

This week I focused on playing around with new materials and techniques for my project ‘Traces’. These experimentations were inspired in particular by Max Ernst who pressed paint between two surfaces for inspiration for paintings and also Lucy Skaer, in particular her piece ‘chair’. I created these experimentations by dipping some of my own belongings from my survival kit in acrylic paint and then rolling them on tracing paper and then folding the tracing paper in half so that the colours and shapes mixed together. I experimented with drawing over these shapes to give them more definition and importance, which I liked but it also took away from the interrogation of the objects which can be seen there naturally. During this project I have also been inspired by Alan Curall’s video: lying about things to make yourself seem more interesting. I experimented with this concept also as I wrote out the history of my objects, talking about where I got them from and what else I did that day or even who gave it to me and how I felt about that person. For my final piece I hope to make a piece that incorporates both these techniques. I think it would be interesting to have the objects really detailed history next to a print of their form, as viewers will only able to see what they can do abstractly and understand their history but will never get to see the actual objects itself, thus focusing on the sentimental importance of the object and not its materialistic qualities. At the beginning of this project I was pursuing an idea about traces of people’s cultural heritage, but after experimenting with new materials and techniques I felt that it would be better to simplify my aims and instead let myself enjoy experimenting. As it was only a week long project I feel that this has been quite successful, but if I were to develop this further I would like to have a stronger meaning behind the piece and I feel that cultural heritage could work really well with this concept and technique.

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