Visual Communication project

Although so far I have only done one day of the Visual Communications pathway I can already feel myself getting stuck into the project. When looking through my news paper for an article I wanted to spend all week working with, I first considered the main headline “French will cash in on nuclear power deal”, but I felt that all oh my projects so far have been dealing with pretty heavy, serious topics (with the exception of 3DD) and I decided that actually I wanted to create something a little more light hearted this week. So with this in mind I settled on a headline titled; “10 things you must never say to a pregnant woman.” Here are my two A1 typography outcomes with quotes from this found article:Image


My favourite font outcome is definitely the one used on the quote “Do not drunkenly slur how wildly sexy you find pregnant women while fondling her abdomen.” This was my free hand experimentation and I definitely feel that it was the most successful as tracing over letters limits the character and the impact of the words when trying to tell a narrative. I feel that the imperfect nature of this typeface also helps with the humour that I want to inject in this project, as I can see that this would not be such a success if I was dealing with a really serious news article. This font is something I have been experimenting with for a while, always using it for titles in A-level sketch books as it can be kept very simple, but with the added 3D effects and range of font types it really comes into it’s own personality. Although I have not yet had an opportunity to start researching contemporary practitioners for this project I feel already that Katie Moross’ typography work would be really useful for me to look at as her work is very lively and fun, in this example here she manages to pack personality into each of the band names without any aid from colour or imagery.Image

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