Summer Project – Survival kit

Summer Project - Survival kit

When trying to come up with ideas for my summer project I thought about the fact that I was leaving in a month or two and thought about what I would miss most when away at university (as I am living in halls this year). I found it far too hard to narrow it down to one thing, realizing that I wouldn’t just be missing objects that I would be leaving behind me at home, but also the texture of the carpet and the view from my bedroom window and the smell of nail varnish from my mum’s work room (she’s a work from home beautician). So I then decided that there was no other option but to take my house with me, a bit like a snail or a hermit crab. So from this I made a  box out of mdf board and recreated the interior of my house inside it, also including inspirations from some of my favourite artists such as Ai Wei Wei and Jenny Saville by hanging some of their work in the hallway. I’ve designed it so I can put my head inside it and can then turn it around to get a 360 degree view. To make this I used a mixture of photo collage and acrylic paint with a bit of wall paper, fabric, battery run fairy lights and some cocktail sticks. This kit is based on the concept of familiarity and escapism rather than practicality, and I plan to use this whenever I feel homesick and need comforting during this these first few months away from home. I then decided to simply take an object from each room in my house, one that relates directly to the room’s function, for example a stapler from my dad’s office and an ornament from the living room.

One thought on “Summer Project – Survival kit

  1. Wow- what a cool idea. I did notice this in the fine Art room and the lights were flashing then! Not only is it a great idea to have battery powered lights inside, but also putting your head in to view your portable bedroom is inspired…

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