‘Stalker’ Evaluation


My final piece came out very differently to how I had originally envisioned it, as I was collecting media for this I found it hard to imagine what it would finally look like. Unfortunately I did not think it was possible to go as far as Calle and stalk strangers, as I did not want to actually become a stalker, I merely wanted to play a fictional character that I had fabricated. My ‘victim’ was one of my flat mates so I had access to her continuously throughout the duration of this project. I started by taking pictures of her doing everyday things such as her washing, buying coffee, walking to the train station, and found that the most successful and realistic photos where the ones taken through glass. Two of my favourite photos from this where of my subject looking out a window, and you can tell by the quality of the photo and the framing that I have had to zoom in a lot to get these images which I think speaks much loudly than the images themselves. I then went on to observe my subject more intimately through drawing her, but these observations where not as successful as I had hoped as drawing is not my strong point. The most successful part of this piece I think was my documentation of the stalking process by collecting small intimate items, such as cigarette butts and washing detergent, from my subject and then ordering and labeling them in chronological order in small see through bags. Image

I also wrote journal entries documenting the stalkers interaction with their victim; I think that these worked well as it allowed me to fabricate situations all through my piece. An addition that I had not planned was two train tickets to London and a receipt from the gig venue Koko. I decided to use these in my piece alongside a journal entry, but instead of using them on their own I decided to Google who was playing at the venue that night and showed a print screen of the venues website and the musicians EP which I had downloaded onto my itunes to show the power of the internet, and I feel that this addition actually worked very well. My aim was to set up the piece to realistically look like something you may find in a stalkers room, if I’d had more time on this project I would have collected much more documentation and would have liked to have filled a whole wall, as I think this would have made the piece overwhelming and given it more impact.

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