Whitechapel First Thursdays

This is the second month in a row that I have attended the White chapels first Thursdays of the month walking tour. Last month (November 2015) I was disappointed by the exhibitions on the list, at the Leyen Gallery I saw a poorly curated exhibition of nude portraits that littered the gallery in an overwhelming complexity. This month on the other hand they exhibited ‘Camera work’ a show of newly post-graduate LCC Photography students.

Leyden Gallery ‘Nude for Thought’ 3rd – 7th November

Both the curation and work shown here was incredible. Real consideration of display was demonstrated here in many different ways, from printing on acetate to create life size shadows, constructing cameras for specific uses and carefully chosen frames to bring the works to life.

‘Camera Work’ Installation view

I was able to talk to one of the students exhibiting what I believed to be the most engaging work and it was interesting to hear how the work of Photography students could turn out to be so analytical instead of simple documentary or commercial photography.

Camera Work Installation view

The business cards made by the students was also something worth noting as a student who will be graduating in just over a years time. It was evident that a reasonably large sum of money had been put into these, they were very creative and not only used their own photos but became interactive pieces in themselves, using analogue film as a business card was definitely my favourite.

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