30 seconds/1 cut

Here is my short film clip from a group project ’30 seconds/1 cut’. I was very enthusiastic when I heard about this project as I really enjoy working in the media of film and wanted to experiment with it more after my week rotation in moving image and photography in part 1 of my course. I decided to take this opportunity to film myself screaming at the camera for 30 seconds without stopping. I used this as therapy for myself, letting out all of my current frustrations and anger but channeling it into something constructive and hopefully creative at the same time. This is how I feel about a lot of my current work, as by focusing on my own frustrations and therapeutically channeling them into my art I sometimes can feel quite relieved and as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Unfortunately I was unable to scream for the whole 30 seconds as my throat began to hurt, so the last 10 seconds are left in an eerie silence with me out of shot before it carries on to the next persons 30 second clip. My film contrasted very dramatically next to the other clips as many of them didn’t include much sound and many of them were practically silent, so when mine came on it was quite a shock and made a few of the audience jump. I was pleased with this result as it meant that the viewers physically reacted to my work and made an impact on them, I also feel that this video could be interpreted as a literal cry for help. I do wish that I had got better lighting, focus and symmetry in the shot and possibly more white to give a more clinical aesthetic to the piece. When I asked my peers what they thought of my clip they said that they found it frightening and uncomfortable to watch and listen to as I had recorded myself in a very intimate way making myself appear vulnerable and mentally unstable.