Postcard project


The first postcard I was given was one of Farnham Castle, a point of interest in the town I am currently living in whilst at university. My other post card was sent to me by one of my closest friends of his university campus in Cambridge. As I wanted to keep the message he had sent me on the back intact I had to consider in my design process how I could do this whilst still altering both postcards together. My aim was to mix the two postcards in a way that shows how the two different places contrast but also show how we still communicate as our friendship still connects us. My first composition idea was relatively simple, this consisted of me cutting off the bottom of the postcard I was sent so you could no longer see the location ‘Kings College, Cambridge’ and then sticking on ‘Farnham Castle’ underneath as this ironically shows the difference between the two places we are currently living in. The composition idea I felt was the strongest was the one I used in the final outcome, I feel that it works best for the sentimental value of the postcards as it creates a hybrid image which shows how my friend and I have been split up to go in our separate directions as indicated by the way I have cut up the separate postcards. When putting my postcard up in the exhibition space I decided to place my postcard next to the right of the door at average eye level as I thought that this way the majority of people that went into the exhibition space would see it. It was interesting to see the set up of everyone else’s work but I felt a little disheartened as everyone’s work was much more impressive and creative than mine, and I now wish that I had incorporated a different technique, possibly painting on top or even sewing into the postcards themselves, as I found mine was pretty simple in comparison. From this exercise I have found that I am not confident having my work in a space where it can be compared to others.